What Causes Baldness?

Are you looking for what causes baldness? Do you think that dandruff, wearing a hat, or vitamin deficiencies are the actual causes of baldness? The fact is that these factors alone cannot lead to baldness. Basically, three primary causes include hormonal changes, aging, or hereditary hair loss plays role in the baldness. You need to consider these issues prior to blaming any other issue for hair loss.

Mostly, baldness is linked with hormonal changes and genetics that are two most common reasons of causing hair loss. Hence, some other factors play a serious role in baldness. These factors are discussed as follows.

Health problems – You hair loss may be due to your bad health or you are suffering from any specific diseases, for example, high fever, anemia, or hypothyroidism.

Nutritional deficiencies – Your hair loss may be the result of nutritional deficiency, for example, deficiency in vitamin levels, iron, or disturbance in iodine levels.

Instant weight loss – rapid weight loss can also be a reason for hair loss. If you diet a lot and avoid taking proper nutrition then it may lead you towards hair loss.

Medications – You experience hair loss may be as a result of some specific medications. If you are going through chemotherapy (cancer treatment) or any other medications that play role in immune suppression then hair loss may happen to you.

Stress – Stress is the major cause of hair loss. If you have gone through any kind of trauma then it may result in hair loss. There are the chances that you may experience it after some time.

Not caring your hair properly – Another cause of hair loss can be that you don’t care your hair. You need to take proper diet, shampoo your hair daily, brushing and styling in a proper way.

If you want to get a hair transplant in Dubai for your hair loss then you need to take account of the causes of baldness so that you will have a proper way to work on.

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