What Makes Us Among the Top 10 Hair Transplant in Dubai?

Hair Transplant in Dubai
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April 10, 2017
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April 11, 2017

There are many people around us who are facing the issue of losing their scalp to baldness. The ultimate remede is the surgical transplant procedure that is being adopted widely by many. While in the search of having the best clinics and a professional doctor, the common criteria of finding among the top 10 hair transplant in Dubai is used. The list will get you to the best one that suits your requirements and follow these basics:

  • First of all you need a proper consultation with the professional who will analyze the scalp situation than propose appropriate solution.
  • The techniques being used by the doctors and their updation according to latest standards.
  • The best practices are being on hand with the surgeons, that gonna help later in the procedure.
  • The proper aesthetics of the surgeon is important in order to handle any crucial moment while the surgery is in process.
  • The aesthetics are also important in order to make sure that the end result is as natural as the original look.

The above points are exactly what hair transplant clinic Dubai insists upon to deliver quality without compromise. These are the facts that our clinic stands out in the category of top 10 best scalp restoration providers. It’s a fact, more than 80% of your grace is dependent upon your updo, and the styling can only be done when you have healthy scalp.

Best Techniques

Both surgical and nonsurgical techniques, we are proud to be among the ones providing  them:

  • The FUE, which extracts healthy follicular units from the patient’s donor site, and replant them to the bald scalp. It yields better outcome in terms of natural scalp looks and less scars.
  • In FUT the graft in the form of single thin strip is harvested and transplanted in the groups of 1 or 4. This procedure is recommended to those who cannot manage multiple surgery dates.
  • Stem cell FUE is the procedure in which some scalp’s stem cells are placed in the donor area to boost regrowth by cleverly utilizing natural stem cells.
  • PRP treatment, is a plasma derived from the patient’s blood and platelets are collected that are natural repairing agents in our body. The serum is injected into the scalp, and the growth factors to their job to revitalize the follicle health hence boosting the growth naturally.  The person with thinning problem are perfect for this procedure.

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to science though, that our scalp restoration procedure is helping a lot of people in city and all around the world. People are able to get back what they lost in the long run with one time investment.

With these standard techniques and quality services by our trichologists proves us to be in the upper rank. The cost factor depends upon the severity of scalp issue and grafts needed for the perfect solution. Visit the cost section for going through really affordable rates and many exciting offers.

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