What Should Be Your Resting Posture After The Hair Transplant?

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July 26, 2017
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July 29, 2017
What Should Be Your Resting Posture After The Hair Transplant

This surgical hair restoration procedure is very sophisticated in nature and is done by experts having special skills and expertise for the field. The healthier grafts from the donor area are harvested and implanted to the recipient’s area for normal growth. The post op time period of the procedure is very crucial for the client and most importantly for the new grafts to retain themselves on the scalp. That is why there are certain instructions are given to the patient to take special care, especially about the resting and sleeping position of head.

With the latest boom in technology the world has seen more effective ways to find permanent solution to their problems. Such as FUT hair transplant in Dubai for permanent baldness treatments. This successful treatment has increased the interest and preferences among people who need a permanent solution to ongoing baldness and thinning problems. The basic goal of following the instructed sleep pattern is to ensure healthy growth of follicles and also preventing any damage to the new grafts.

Following are some of the basic instructions regarding the resting and sleeping positions that you need to follow at least immediate two weeks after the treatment.

  • It is best to sleep by your side and not on your back.
  • This position is necessary to be adopted because the donor area is usually at the back side that needs recovery after the surgical hair restoration treatment. So, the swelling or itching may cause uneasiness while sleeping.
  • It is suggested by your doctor to follow this fixed pattern of sleeping a least in immediate 4 nights.
  • Following this sleeping pattern as instructed is necessary to avoid any damage to ne grafts and making the recovery f donor area as smooth as it can be.
  • This post op care is necessary to settle the newly implanted grafts to settle at their required place.
  • Prevent your scalp from any sudden bumping effect because at that time the scalp is sensitive.
  • Adjust your pillow upright in order to keep your head position elevated to avoid more swelling or numbing effect.
  • It is must for the patient to follow these advices and as instructed by your surgeon to make your sleep pattern easy and without hurting the scalp or new grafts as well.

Hair transplant clinic Dubai makes it easier for the valuable clients to make this treatment as much easy and smooth ad it can be possible. Our trichologist has customer’s satisfaction on their top priority. So, after the treatment is done, proper instructions are given for post op care with follow-ups. It is also the patient’s responsibility to properly follow them to achieve bet results.

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