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March 7, 2017
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March 8, 2017

Hair transplant is ahead worldwide acceptance as the hair loss is certain for some men and women. As you know that it is important for you to get a proper check and balance before the hair transplant. For example, finding an experienced doctor and know-how of the surgery. it is also important to take some important measures into account after the hair transplant. It is recommended for you to know what to do after hair transplant.

One important thing to remember about hair transplant is, that the recovery process is set even before the surgery has been started. Hair transplant clinic Dubai is providing different hair restoration techniques and one of the best hair transplants in Dubai. It’s our sole objective to be aware of possible after care precautions of hair transplant. So, it mandatory you must carry out all the significant details. This will aid you to attain safe and effective results in the end.


Some precautions that are obligatory immediately after the treatment. At this stage the implanted hair are sensitive. You need to be very careful if you’re thinking to wash your hair, its not recommended. Your hair surgeon gives you detailed directions on what to follow and how to follow. It’s important for you, before pursuing something, keep them in your awareness. You’ll never want to accidently mess up your hair grafts.

hair transplant clinic in Dubai

hair transplant clinic in Dubai

Following are some important instructions that best hair transplant clinic in Dubai do propose to their hair transplant patients after the procedure.

  • Avoid smoking

Don’t continue smoking immediately after hair transplant. the suggestion is to avoid smoking till the wounds are entirely healed. Some surgeon suggests to halt smoking till at least 4 weeks after surgery.

  • The Hair Transplant Crust

You might notice the crusts forming over the surgical are. Just relax! Don’t worry, don’t try scratching. The crusting means that the area is healing, the scratches can follow with infection, so deal gently. However, if the crusting prolongs two-week time it can be a mark of delayed healing. In this case consult your hair surgeon immediately. The best way to handle it is to leave it be, shampoo the area after five days.

  • Maintaining the head position

Another aspect is to sleep in a reclined position. You should use a soft pillow for the head. This should be continued for three nights than you can resume your natural head position. Apart from thinking about comfort, think about the care you should follow.

Eat Healthy Foods for Fast Recovery

  • Go for green vegetables – spinach and broccoli for example.
  • Fish is exceptional rich in nutrients.
  • Get fresh fruits rich in vitamins
  • Try to have intake of vitamin C, it can prove to heal faster.
  • Regular take milk- rich in calcium
  • A diet that includes both nuts can likewise contribute to the healthy regrowth of the transplanted hair follicles.

Schedule a Free consultation

If you’re having any more queries related to after care measures, hair transplant clinic Dubai is providing free consultations. We are providing best hair transplant in Dubai, with affordable rates and many discount offers too. Feel free to visit or ask anything regarding post- op instructions, and simply drop your query in the form given below. We will answer you shortly. Quality service with affordable rates is what we promise our clients.

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