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May 23, 2017
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May 25, 2017

The latest surgical restoration is provided at best rates and keeping in view that quality standards, that purely justifies the hair transplant cost in Dubai. Have you been a candidate lately? Then you must be gearing up for better precautionary measures after the treatment. The surgeon instructs you some things to follow, for better care and fast recovery.

Why Is Care Needed?

The new follicles have a distinctive sensitivity inside them, that’s why a proper care is needed, in order to ensure the excellent outcome. The outcome should be as planned by the surgeon, and as required by you. At this stage, after the treatment, it’s up to the client that how he manages to take care of scalp that triggers a good result automatically.

Following are some instructions that are commonly instructed to the client to follow regularly after the treatment, till recovery starts.

  • On the first night after the procedure, you should take care while sleeping. It’s very important and the advisable instruction is to keep your head elevated while sleeping. Take double pillow in that case. It’s because to prevent swelling on the treated area.
  • Do not rub or scratch your scalp unnecessarily, just to be sure, the new grafts are not disturbed.
  • Keep a follow up on the medication that is prescribed to you. The surgeon may suggest you some mild medication for pain or relaxing pills. Just in case you need them later.
  • Avoid the caffeinated drinks or alcohol intake immediately after the treatment.
  • For washing your scalp, the care is needed right the first morning after the procedure. It is advised to take off the head bandage and shampoo scalp three times. For the later days, you can shower twice a day, recommended.
  • A special shampoo may be given to you in order to clean the scalp and the treated area. Though, it is strictly instructed to clean as gently as you can, just to avoid any damage that may occur to the new follicles or grafts.
  • Resume to normal washing and shampooing after the 10 days. As at this stage, the grafts are firmly placed in their desired location. Other styling options can also be taken into the routine.

Hair transplant clinic Dubai is committed to providing state of the art services along with useful guidance for proper care before and after the treatment. The team of professional is always there to guide their respected clients.

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