What’s Important to Remember About Hair transplant

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March 9, 2017
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March 11, 2017

Hair loss is a common issue and mostly drive you nuts. Got fed up of fighting on daily basis and don’t wish to be bald any longer. Are you bearing a thought in mind to go for a permanent resort, a hair transplant? So, get ready for the ride and get yourself evaluated medically before going for the surgery, that’s expert’s opinion. There are some important aspects to keep in mind before going for the hair transplant. Obviously, when you decide for doing something, a brief home work is necessary so that you miss anything on the way. Choose the best hair transplant in Dubai along with the favor of proper guide and direction related to the procedure.

First thing First- Define the Hair Transplant

It is a surgical procedure that permanently re-grow healthy hair in areas that have baldness. It is typically adopted for the problems of pattern baldness. It is also beneficial for hair loss due to scarring, for example on the beard area, mustache or even the eyebrows.


In this procedure, hair grafts are taken from the healthy area of scalp and planted into the affected area. There are different techniques in hair transplant that implies natural growth on scalp. Some techniques are non-surgical and just boosts the blood circulation and health of hair follicles. Every technique of hair transplant is carried out under local anesthesia. The patient can relax while the treatment is going, like watch a movie or something.

The end results do not show artificial look of hair. It is ensured that the transplanted hair get merged into existing hair. Hence, the goal is giving the natural look to scalp hair. You can style them as you do with your existing hair normally.

What’s Important to Know?

Meanwhile, apart from benefits there are some vital aspects to keep in your observance:

  • Choose the right option of hair transplant, the procedure and its possible pro and cons. Get satisfied with knowledge you get to avoid surprises later.
  • Ask for alternatives of surgery from the hair specialist.
  • Hair transplant procedures are carried out with your own hair- the transplanted hair grows automatically without any other medical need or special maintenance. You may still cut trim and wash it.
  • After the procedure hair takes time to regrow, be patient.
  • Hair fall after hair transplant is mandatory, don’t get hassled, it’s called shock loss that’s due to the sudden impact of harvesting grafts on scalp. It goes on for just few weeks. After that new hair starts to grow.
  • You will have to follow the doctor’s instruction. Before and after treatment.
  • Only a team of qualified and licensed doctors should be involved. So, choose the right hair surgeon before going for the procedure.
  • The patient is discharged after proper monitoring and assessment by the qualified doctor.
  • A good surgeon should always be honest with you about the realities of the procedure. Not all cases of baldness can be rectified via a hair transplant. For many, it makes wonders with successful results.

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