Why Should You Choose Neo Graft Procedure To Cure Your Hair Loss?

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February 24, 2017
Hair transplant
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February 25, 2017
Neo Graft Procedure

Hair loss is an issue that runs in families. You may notice hair loss at any age. When you experience such issue then you need to do something productive in this regard. According to an estimate, almost 30 million women and 50 million men are suffering from the baldness in the United States. They are looking for the solution through which they can get their confidence back.

It is your right to love your hair and here is an amazing news for you that Neo Graft is a way that provides you a direction to get your hair back. Read on to know more about the procedure, reasons to choose it, and the hair transplant cost!

What is Neo Graft Hair Transplant?

Neo Graft hair transplant refers to a minimally invasive method in which the accuracy of the procedure is boosted with the help of using FUE technique. Manual extraction tools are used to speed up the process.

Reasons to Choose This Technique

Here are the essential reasons that evoke people to choose Neo Graft transplantation.

  • Hairline looks like a natural.
  • No staples or stitches are required to complete the procedure.
  • This procedure is very comfortable.
  • The recovery period is very quick as compared to other methods.
  • A cost-effective way to treat your hair loss.

Neo Graft Hair Transplant Cost

It is not possible to tell the exact cost of a hair transplant procedure, but we can give you an idea. The hair transplant cost is different for every patient on the basis of the requirements and the number of grafts that are required. The charges are charged on the basis of each graft. Almost 1-24 hair follicles are included in 1 graft. The cost of each graft ranges from AED17.80 to AED 19.28. So, the total cost will be on the basis of total grafts. Highly skilled surgeons are required to perform the procedure.

The cost of the procedure may be more as compared to other procedures but it is worthy enough to adopt it. The most amazing benefit of the procedure is that you will not get any scars or stitches and there will be less downtime time.

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